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What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun!

What's the big deal with mining anyway?

This trick still works, by the way, even with contemporary English: the comedian Jacqueline Novak admitted in a recent interview that part of her one-woman show, On Your Knees , is secretly written in iambic pentameter—not for the audience to notice, but just so she could memorize it quickly. The idea behind this is that iambic pentameter, out of all poetic meters, most closely mimics the natural rhythms of casual spoken English. As far as I know, this is not an established linguistic fact, but there does seem to be something to it. Are you?

You will never hear a song whose lyrics are in iambic pentameter. If we wanted songs to sound indistinguishable from speech, all radio would be talk radio. I wasted no time informing him so. But with great viral fame comes great responsibility, and this is the point at which I must admit that I, too, was wrong.

In my defense, I had good reason to assume it was. The combinations seem endless. Interested in Cryptocurrency? Visit best CoinMarketCap alternative. Real time updates, cryptocurrency price prediction If it hurts, don't say a word The only thing you ever heard You can catch that dove, but don't let it fly Filled your head with all that stuff Filled your hands with not that much Keeping up your chin, barely getting by The wind will blow, the bow will break You might even lose your faith I know you'll only fix those wings But if that mockingbird don't sing You can have mine When you're running out of rope, you can have mine If you're getting low on hope, you can have mine If you need eyes to guide you home, you can have mine If your heart is all alone, When you need a hand, Call me up and you can have mine Anytime You can have mine Begging for a shooting star Hoping wishes get that far Waiting on an answer in the night You might think you're on your own Strong enough to take it all Just in case I'll be right by your side The wind will blow, the bow will break Someday you may lose your faith I know you'll only fix those wings But if that mockingbird don't sing You can have mine When you're running out of rope, you can have mine If you're getting low on hope, you can have mine If you need eyes to guide you home, you can have mine If your heart is all alone, When you need a hand, Call me up and you can have mine Anytime You can have mine Baby, it's fine, you can have mine.

Workin For My Baby Janz Paul I know You wish you were home And all of this night was over When you're down and you're broke A room couldn't get much colder Only the lonely hearts Know what it feels like to break apart Well, I wish I could reach you I really want you to know chorus You're never alone Every hope you breathe has wings And in harmony I'll sing You're never alone I'm the light before your eyes Your vision when it ides In your darkness I will shine Oceans between us Ten thousand breakers breaking I'll come to you In visions never fading And you'll feel your hand strong in mine All your lonelyness I will bear If you need inspiration I've got so much to share chorus So take that heartache you're feelin' Let it go keep believin' You can walk through this night And always know That I'll be there for you You're not alone chorus.

Entrepreneurs are fast-followers. They quickly jump on trends and easy money.

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What today is relatively non-competitive quickly becomes crowded. I saw this in the Amazon world. It is almost impossible to be top dog and keep profits coming when more and more brands undercut pricing. Do remember that undercutting is capitalism. It is the nature of competition.

MINE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

It is what protects consumers from monopolistic pricing. But in business I like to bet on monopolies. I am not in the business of offering the lowest price. Founders in new markets have three options:. I have often thought about the dynamics of this model. Is there a right answer? I strongly believe it depends on the situation.

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In my case, doing both was doable. But killing two birds with two stones is hard. Focus becomes key. And after messing this up enough times, I cannot in good conscience recommend tackling two projects at once. Starting a business is your life. It is percent effort all the time. You live, breathe, and dream business — at least I did.

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When you are raising money and scaling fast, it is even worse. Thus my recommendation for founders is to do one project, then do the next project. Start with serving customers either as a founder or employee to learn the industry. As you do, brainstorm the pain points in the process. These make perfect products. Once you are ready, the direction is set and an MVP is in progress, jump ship.

Whether selling your startup early or quitting a cushy job, golden handcuffs and responsibilities will stop you from succeeding. You only have so many at-bats — both as a founder and as an investor.

I for one missed enormous opportunities, you likely have as well. Hopefully this post provides a framework for thinking about opportunities and emerging markets. Built a B2B startup?


On Alexandra Kleeman’s ‘You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine’

Miss out on a massive trend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Not all user-driven mining is bad either

There is no right answer. It comes down to risk and opportunity cost. What are you sacrificing? Understanding your options and their implications helps you make the right choice, even when the world says you are wrong. So what trends are you excited about?

How Do You Mine Litecoin?

Where is the world going? What opportunities are on the horizon? Constantly learning means you are never caught unaware. Sign in.

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Get started. Matt Ward Follow. Short-Term Cash vs. Things went fast. There was just one problem…. Horse Blinders and Thinking Bigger How do you forgo fast profit for future success?