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Trevor is shown to be disgusted by racism, misogyny, as well as self-righteous and hypocritical attitudes which he considers "fake". After torturing Ferdinand Kerimov, he mocks the FIB's use of torture as a means of interrogation, claiming it is only a method of showing dominance and that the government fails to admit this. In one of his character switch scenes, he can even be throwing a Lost MC member off a bridge for being a bigot. While it is never stated in-game, Trevor shows textbook signs of Intermittent Explosive Disorder ; a mental condition which includes episodes of impulsive behaviour that could result in serious damage to anyone and anything around them, aggression grossly disproportionate to what provoked it, and episodic violence that cannot be categorized with any other existing mental and physical medical condition.

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Trevor also appears to suffer from Coulrophobia , since in Grass Roots mission for Barry, dialogue suggests that Trevor once was or still is scared of clowns, saying such things as "I'm a big boy now" and "you can't hurt me anymore" paraphrasing. He might also ask the clowns "Are there any more sex offenders out there!?

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Additionally, when you get Lamar, Franklin, and Trevor to hang out together off mission, Franklin will mention he's sitting next to "Two Clowns" Trevor and Lamar Trevor then starts to get a little worried asking "Clown? Although very rarely seen in game, Trevor appears to be secretly ashamed and a bit scared of his personality. When hanging out with both Michael and Franklin simultaneously, Trevor might reveal in an ashamed tone that he doesn't want his mother to see him like this.

If Trevor hangs out with Lamar enough times, he will admit to Lamar that sometimes he realizes how he's thinking fixation on violence, horrible brutalities etc. If Trevor huffs gas on his trailer porch, he may sometimes mutter that he feels suicidal. This could hint that all the reckless stunts Trevor commits such as flying a Duster inside a cargo plane while getting shot at with an RPG might be subconscious attempts of getting killed.

When drunk with Franklin, Trevor talks about being lonely and asks Franklin to hold him. When Franklin replies with jokes, Trevor starts crying; "Why are you joking!?

I said I'm lonely! While Trevor is often controlling, loud, and willing to hurt anyone who he perceives as a threat in some way, whether physically or mentally, he is terrified by his mother. Upon meeting her in his trailer in the mission Mrs. Philips , he speaks incoherent sentences, is unable to answer questions and runs off to do the job she assigns to him without questioning it. Trevor is also extremely talented at mathematics. According to Wade, Trevor is "really good with numbers" and can solve even the most difficult of math problems in his head in a matter of seconds without much if any hesitation, as seen in the Depository heist.

Trevor also has numerous sores or boils over his lower stomach and back, likely from his drug addictions. Trevor's default outfit is a plain and dirty white V-neck, ripped up dirty blue jeans or sweat pants and a pair of brown boots. He is seen in one screenshot with a different outfit on - a jean jacket with a half buttoned up shirt along with a white undershirt and a pair of blue jeans. Also, in some screenshots, during the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer and wearing his default outfit, he is seen wearing a calculator watch on his left wrist.

He isn't bald although his hairline has started to retreat and there's a small bald spot on the back of his head , has a mullet covering his entire back of the neck, and sports a mustache. He seems fond of buying cheap clothing from Binco and the Discount Shop, while he shows total disdain for buying clothes from Ponsonby's.

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Some characters also mention that he is an extremely untidy and messy person when it comes to clothes and hygiene. When Michael and Trevor reunite , Michael claims Trevor "smells of piss" and has blood under his fingernails. During the Paleto Score Setup , Michael calls Trevor a "proto-hipster" because his clothes are never clean and never fit. Also, Lamar Davis claims that Trevor has a "smell of ass on the distance of three meters. Because he is a former military aviation pilot, he is skilled in both combat and piloting aircraft like helicopters.

In the mission Three's Company , Trevor was the one that flew the team to the skyscraper they needed to get their target out of. In the aftermath, as the team was pursued by law enforcement helicopters, he proved to be an able pilot under pressure.

Trevor is also the master of greed, ambition, and insanity along with Michael and Franklin , and is seen in many GTA V screenshots performing many challenging and some illegal stunts. Some of those stunts include base jumping, jet-skiing, murdering, property destruction, arson, jumping out from moving vehicles and getting chased by the cops. Wade also said that Trevor is "good with numbers", implying that he has good mathematical skills. This is confirmed during small talk with a bank executive during the Subtle approach to the final heist; upon being told the number of gold bricks they are stealing and the size of each one, Trevor rattles off the exact amount of gold they have before the executive can finish entering the above information into his calculator.

Trevor also has an excellent perception and intuition, being the only one to figure out that the brick of coke Franklin and Lamar were buying from the Ballas at Grove Street was actually drywall. He also proved to be a good strategist and planner. He alone pulled a successful heist on Merryweather Security Consulting, and he's been able to keep his relatively small organization peaking up in the drug and arms dealing against other bigger and more dangerous groups like the Aztecas, The Lost or the Marabunta Grande. He also proved to be a powerful hand-to-hand combatant, usually knocking down people with a single punch in several cutscenes.

Trevor Morgan

He's strong enough to lift and throw people off ledges in several of his switch scenes. Trevor's special ability is Invulnerability. While active, Trevor can take an excessive amount of damage without dying as well as a special melee attack that he can perform. By enhancing this skill, you increase its maximum storage capacity, which directly affects its duration. Trevor's Special skill lasts for 30 seconds when the Stat Bar for Special skill has been maxed out. While in the ability, he can survive hits from trains, Rhino tank cannon shots and being mauled by a mountain lion.

Trevor has had very positive responses from many fans of GTA V and professional video game critics about his "fuck off! Trevor's grand appearance during the GI demo, is considered an unforgettable one and sets up the character nicely, the camera is zoomed in on Trevor's face but then zooms out to show him sitting on the toilet fighting constipation while yelling the famous quote, " I need a fucking midwife for this thing! If Michael was meant to be the idea of some version of criminal control — or some sort of bourgeois criminal who tries to go straight and gets sucked back in — what about the guy who didn't do that?

What about the opposite guy? He's the person who's driven purely by desire, resentment, no thought for tomorrow whatsoever, completely id rather than ego-driven. Constant partying, constant madness. The only thing he doesn't want to do is stop. He wants to keep going and ride it all to the end. Won't take an insult from anybody. Kills without remorse, like a true psychopath, but very sentimental for the right reasons when it suits him. That seemed an interesting guy to have as a protagonist.

Trevor Philips

Very unlike anyone we've had in a game before. If you began to develop him and Michael and their previous relationships We wanted this feeling where you start off thinking one's good and the other's awful. Then you get spun the other way. Then you get spun back the first way, until you can't decide.

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Do you like this video? Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows. Contents [ show ]. If that fruitcake realizes, no no, finds out you're alive, you are D-O-N-E fucked! I don't know what he is I bet he's got abs Do the things that make me me! Michael : " The fuck is wrong with you? I see a shrink once a week. Smells like he hasn't bathed in weeks. White, middle-aged. Grand Theft Auto V Trevor.

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Trevor during " Prologue. Trevor during Bury the Hatchet. Under the influence of Drugs in his trailer after switching characters. Trevor's burning body during Something Sensible.