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Item D. Size: Select Size Twin, 70 in. Especially in mild climates, other factors take snow melting lead from sun. Mayovskyy Andrew via Shutterstock.

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Friday, December 20, - Inside Science -- As fresh snow turns us into grumbling commuters or weekend skiers, consider that those flakes are more than a winter wonder. Melted snow, in many parts of the world, becomes the water people drink year-round. Seasonal snow replenishes streams, creeks and groundwater when it melts in the spring; how long this frozen reservoir of water lasts strongly influences a region's water supply during drier months, especially in areas like western Washington state.

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Tree cover that obscures spring sunshine might be expected to retain snow longer. But recent research, published in the journal Water Resources Research , suggests that in some areas, snow melts faster under forests than it does in open spaces. To identify a possible pattern across both cold and balmier winters, the authors combed through existing research on how forests affect snow.

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In studies from all over the world, they found a surprising connection between tree cover and snowmelt times. The difference was as big as two weeks in some locations. By incorporating global data on temperature, precipitation and wind speed, the team's model considered energy coming from the sun at different times of the year, and how that might be blocked or shaded by trees.

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Trees became key players in melting snow in warmer locations, they found. In colder places like Colorado, snow still lasts longer in forests, which protect it from sun and wind, according to Dickerson-Lange. But in maritime climates like western Washington or California, the air itself is much warmer. Everything that has a temperature -- trees, soil, people, the sun -- emits radiation.


Trees, like other objects on the earth, mainly emit long-wave, infrared radiation, while sunlight contains a lot of shorter-wave radiation. In places where temperatures are already close to water's melting point, the infrared energy can accelerate the melting of snow. Several other factors, such as wind or the incline and steepness of a mountainside can change how long snow cover lasts as well.