Marc-Aurèle - Pensées pour moi-même (French Edition)

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Pens es Pour Moi-M me

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English isn't my first language. That's the one I read, after searching reviews for the most readable version in modern english.

Stoïcisme : Les Bases En Trois Minutes

I haven't tried any others such as The Emperor's Handbook though, so I'm not sure about a comparison between the two. Load 4 more questions. Unanswered Questions 7.

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How different is this from the Translation by Francis Hutcheson? The Cronos Classics edition on Kindle seems to have gibberish words here and there in the introduction. Has anyone else had this problem, is the rest of the text ok, or should I source another copy that isn't garbled? Creo que es un libro que hay que leer con paciencia, para reflexionar sobre cada concepto. Can this book help in coping with depression?