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So as we study the Bible and take in knowledge from God, we are allowing his light to shine toward us. Through the Bible, Jehovah sheds light on his purposes and tells us how we can do his will. This gives purpose to our lives and helps to satisfy our spiritual needs. Walk while you have the light, so that darkness does not overpower you; and he that walks in the darkness does not know where he is going.

While you have the light, exercise faith in the light, in order to become sons of light. Spiritual light originates with Jehovah, and spiritual darkness cannot be associated with him. Who, then, is the source of the darkness? They are unwilling to accept that some evil, superhuman power could possibly exist and influence the way they think. Nevertheless, as Paul shows, the Devil does exist and does influence people so that they cannot see the light of truth. In what ways do those in spiritual darkness show that they are disoriented? One easily becomes lost or disoriented.

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Similarly, those in spiritual darkness lack perception and soon become disoriented in a spiritual sense. They can lose the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, good from bad. Explain how wrongdoers have an affinity with darkness both in a literal and in a spiritual sense. The apostle Paul said that sexual immorality, theft, greediness, drunkenness, reviling, and extortion are common among those ensnared in that darkness. That such a change is possible Paul makes clear in his letter to the Corinthians.

At Bethsaida, Jesus cured a blind man but kindly did so in stages. We can imagine the joy of that man when he was able to see. When we behold their joy, we may wonder why more are not attracted to the light.

For he that practices vile things hates the light and does not come to the light, in order that his works may not be reproved. In what ways have we been benefited by coming to the light? It is sometimes good to look back and trace the spiritual progress we have made. What bad habits have we discarded? What problems in our life have we been able to put right?

How have our plans for the future changed? Go on walking as children of light, for the fruitage of the light consists of every sort of goodness and righteousness and truth. Matthew ; To those who refuse to listen, our preaching along with our exemplary Christian life course becomes a reproof. More important, it calls for compassion and concern for others and a heartfelt desire to share the light of truth with them for their eternal benefit. In times past, fires were lit on the rocky cliffs of England to indicate where refuge from storms could be found.

Some fires, though, were decoys. Instead of finding a harbor, many vessels were misled and were wrecked on the rocky shoreline, where their cargoes were stolen.

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In this deceptive world, we must be careful not to be drawn to decoy lights that can lure us to spiritual shipwreck. Spells with lingering effects that explicitly mention "light", but not an area of light. In addition to the light produced in casting, guiding bolt leaves a dim light on a target for 1 round. Unlike Faerie Fire, this light has no area of effect. This is an edge case.

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In favor of darkness dispelling : dispels this because a it's an ongoing light effect and b the light is mechanically pertinent to the spell's effect on the target, in that it provides advantage on the next attack "thanks to the mystical dim light glittering on the target until then. Against darkness dispelling : although the light is a persistent effect, this spell does not create an "area of light" as described in the darkness spell.

The wording on Darkness reads:. If any of this spell's area overlaps with an area of light created by a spell of 2nd level or lower, the spell that created the light is dispelled. Therefore, if darkness overlaps with the light created by either of these spells, then it will dispel that spell.

Do keep note of the wording of Darkness though, as it dispels any spell creating light in the area of darkness, this means that if a flaming sphere is 15 ft. This seems to be similar for Color Spray. As you mentioned, Color Spray creates. This seems to imply that as long as darkness overlaps the 15 ft.

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Viewed times. Are both of these spells dispelled if they overlap with the Darkness spell? Merudo Merudo 1, 4 4 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges. Spells with instantaneous effects that explicitly mention "light", but not an area of light Ray of Frost PHB page states that instantaneous spells cannot be dispelled. Spells with that explicitly mention "light" that vanishes quickly and is not in an area Color Spray Initial effect of Guiding Bolt The text of these spells include the word "light", but perhaps more for flavor than as an enforceable description of an effect.

Spells with lingering effects that explicitly mention "light", but not an area of light Ongoing effect of Guiding Bolt In addition to the light produced in casting, guiding bolt leaves a dim light on a target for 1 round. Pink Sweetener Pink Sweetener 4, 1 1 gold badge 8 8 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. Flaming Sphere , Produce Flame aren't directly producing light, and are therefore no more dispellable by Darkness than a mundane flame that produces light? It may not be primary, but what does primacy have to do with it?

It's in the spell description that they produce an area of light.


The initial damage is not prevented. As for acid arrow, to me "shimmer" indicates how the arrow appears when lit by an outside light source, it doesn't imply the arrow itself produces light, whereas the description of Branding Smite pretty clearly says the initial hit does produce light. It's not about whether the description uses specific words, but rather what the description says.

I do agree that the light effect is instantaneous rather than ongoing, though. As you mentioned, Color Spray creates A dazzling array of flashing, colored light This seems to imply that as long as darkness overlaps the 15 ft.

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This is a good answer so far, but Color Spray is a harder example to answer than Flaming Sphere , since Color Spray is described as creating light, but it's debatable whether what it creates is "an area of light". Flaming Sphere creates an area of light. Color Spray does not.