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Could it have something to do with the proposed corridor project that threatens the future of the town?

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Was it shame around an overdue copy of Where the Red Fern Grows? OR was it that rival library over in Post? Still, something happened. And now the residents of Last Chance are paying the price. As the story unfolds, and life goes on for this community, everyone is painfully aware of the true extent of her contribution to those around her.

After school programs. Arts initiatives. Civic leadership, community services, standing up for the less fortunate, promoting literacy, connecting people, etc. I think the premise of this novel was just brilliant, because if you're a reader you probably love libraries. We have no past and no future. But what could each of us do for our community if we really try? By the time the reader arrives, the library itself is already up in smoke. Another thing I really liked about this book was the West Texas setting.

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I graduated from high school in West Texas graduating class of about 90 , and went to college out there too. So it was cool to hear about people going to the big city of Lubbock for its nightlife, and refreshing to hear my old alma mater, Texas Tech University Guns Up!

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For this review I bought both the Kindle edition and the audio book from Audible. The Audible version is a lot of fun because the author narrates it herself with her homegrown Texas accent—adding a whole new dimension to the story. I love the way she gave Last Chance a big Shakespeare festival. And Kerr really paints the town of Last Chance with the believable, intimate quirkiness of small town living.

As long as nothing else in the town burns down, that is. Or maybe she and her dashing new European beau can be a couples sleuthing team.

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Anyhoo, if you want to bring a librarian-killer to justice, and we all do, you need this book in your life. The story centers on Matt Langdon, the owner of an independent oil and gas operating company. With the right financing, he could take his business to the next level.

Ethiopia. The cross: symbol of a country.

It looks like everything is coming together nicely for him. On the way to meet a demanding potential investor, Matt finds a bloodied woman lying in the middle of the road. Of course, there was no real choice for a stand-up guy like Matt. As it turns out, this was one accident that was unavoidable as its course was set in motion decades ago.

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Tension between characters is as thick as tar sands. His son is going through a transitionary period. The girl he found was less of a coincidence than it seemed and practically everyone in the story appears to both be connected and have a few marked cards tucked up in their sleeve. I personally enjoyed this book because I always appreciate a good story about the oil business.

I grew up the son of an oilfield engineer, and these days I owe a lot of my living to the business the rest of the nation loves to hate. For us, high crude oil and natural gas prices mean job security, opportunity and billions of dollars sloshing around town. Sure, it makes us seem like a bunch of Bond Villains. But on the other hand, it helped make Texas a rare island of solvency during recent recession years.

She also runs with the Final Twist crowd. She seems like a sweet little lady—probably writes cozies in which cats steal cupcakes from a library or something. So she writes in-your-face crime stories with a dark, sharp edge. All of her books give me the feeling that something unexpected is about to happen to the main character at any minute—and not a surprise birthday party with ponies and balloons. The Past Never Dies is no exception. But what does register is a home life that is becoming increasingly volatile.

This leaves Billy Bob and his brothers Weldon and Lyle, as well as his sister, Drew, at home alone while their father goes out to seek his oil patch fortune. And by help, I mean drink apricot brandy , chain smoke, go out on Saturday nights and exact cruelties on the children that far exceed neglect.

Fortunately, Billy Bob finds an ally in Sister Roberta. This story is a great appetizer for the fifth Dave Robicheaux novel, A Stained White Radiance --which follows wealthy Weldon Sonnier and his family in a twisted plot that involves the Klan, the CIA, gangsters and some pretty twisted family dynamics. And to young Billy Bob, the end result is every bit as explosive as that notorious day in Back to that, by the way. Grandcamp —which was loaded up with peanuts, twine, tobacco, small arms ammunition and bunker oil—was in the process of being loaded with ammonium nitrate fertilizer when a fire broke out onboard.

At am the fertilizer detonated. It blew up in Texas City. The whole place is a shimmering sea of petrochemical refineries , tank batteries, distribution terminals, port infrastructure, docked vessels and complex industrial manufacturing and processing facilities. When that first explosion blew, it caused a deadly chain reaction. It blew up a ship next to it called the High Flyer, which was filled with not only ammonium nitrate but also sulfur. The two make for a volatile mix, and when that ship blew it took a nearby ship called the Wilson B.

Keene with it. The blast destroyed an entire Monsanto plant that was about feet away. Flaming bits of debris set fire to giant tank farms. The explosion destroyed concrete warehouses, piers and grain elevators and humans and the whole thing truly was a disaster. And it lasted for three days! The blast caused a fifteen-foot tidal wave that flooded the surrounding area. The waters of Galveston Bay boiled.

Those working the docks simply disappeared.

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A docked barge was lifted out of the water and deposited a hundred feet inland by the blast. Two airplanes were downed. Windows shattered in Houston—which is about 42 miles away.

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At the time of the accident, my Cajun grandmother lived in Port Arthur, Texas. Her windows shattered like a bomb had gone off. According to the ancestry. Texas City, is no exception. Texas City, is not only a taut domestic suspense, but also a good opportunity to hear Burke write from the point of view of a child.