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It can be a very serious conversation. So if the next word is passport, we're in serious trouble. You really want to help them as well. You start talking about pens you had. I can see the pen in my mind. People are so desperate to get home. The trains come very regularly, you see them, one minute, two minutes, three minutes As soon as you get on the platform it's a level playing field.

But they were in this extremely tight, plastic cover thing. And I realised, the only way to get my new scissors out of the packaging was to get scissors and cut the scissors out with scissors.

The thing I needed was staring at me. How lazy can your parents be?

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You have lines of people doing tai chi trying to work it out. Who in their right mind gets stuck and thinks, 'Get me the phone, I must warn the others. They see it as more of a test of their own geographical knowledge.


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North London. Where abouts?! You get on on the morning and every single person is reading the Metro. Everyone, everyone. Why doesn't one person just read it to the carriage? What a complete waste of time.

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It's the last thing I did on earth was dial those numbers. It's the same principle. Like girls. Girls are so much more advanced than boys.

“Sex is like playing Bridge – if you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand"

I seriously think that girls are born in conversation. Like, they come out of the womb, talking: 'Are you my mother? Lovely to put a face to a name. It takes a very strange sort of man who doesn't go: 'The race is on!

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Come on, woohoo! First one to the lanes!! Order, order, back in order OK but I had fun while it lasted. Sign in Edit Account Sign Out. Distractions Jokes 35 of Michael McIntyre's best jokes and funniest one-liners "A good book is called a page turner. Surely that is the minimum you expect from any book?

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There are even some you may not consider to be straightforward comedies. How far would you go for some sliders? The story of a whip-smart teenager Ellen Page who gets pregnant by her new boyfriend Michael Cera and decides to give the baby up for adoption to a yuppie couple Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman plays like a comedy but packs an unexpected emotional wallop. The down side: this inventive indie spawned far too many imitators.

This acerbic action comedy introduced a winning combo: sparring buddies Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and master of style Edgar Wright, who dreamed up the script with Pegg. He plays a sad sack who turns out to be more brave and adept at slaying the walking dead than he ever would have thought.

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And he gets the girl. More Working Title collaborations followed, but the first time out was the charm: mash up a witty British romance and a zombie gorefest, and hilarity ensues. Sure, potty-mouth Schumer acts out, surrounded by crazy chaos, but leading man Bill Hader makes a gallant, alert, reactive foil, and at the end, order is restored and Schumer gets her man.

Do we miss Hugh Grant yet?