Gaal the Conqueror: 2 (The Archives of Anthropos)

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You can go to cart and save for later there. Pre-Black Friday deals are here! Start saving big now. Shop now. Report incorrect product info or prohibited items. Gaal the Conqueror Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 reviews. John White. This is where character continuity begins to get borked in the ear. And she has to be saved from her fascination with witchcraft.

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Jealousy and desperate possessiveness and all that, and well justified because Uncle John is just about the only adult — and pretty much the only man — who has been decent to her. He rambles on about streets and the islands and subways and junk, but I was more confused than enlightened or entertained, and that was mostly because of the telling over showing. And so the wedding is in the middle of a typhoon, leaving the Friesens stuck in Singapore and Mary feeling alone with everyone besides Mrs. Choi preoccupied with the bridal couple.

Gaal the Conqueror

But then the couple disappears from the limousine between the church and the hotel. Mary is damn sure they went to Anthropos and is plotting to join them. Friesen is not motherly. I wish I knew some earnest Wiccans or pagans to run this by their plausibility meter. And the answer to the plagiarism question is Epiphany. This bugs me. A lot. Anyway, Wesley, Kurt, and Lisa meet up with some philosophers from Glason who are looking for a child born about two years ago, while Mary is on the other side of Anthropos and meets up with a Lord Nasa and his wife Lady Roelane, who are on their way to Bamah, the capital.

The siblings and philosophers get more action, being pursued by soldiers and struggling through near-pathless forests and junk. If you played a drinking game of either tell-over-show or what-kid-fucking-talks-like-that-even-if-they-are-Canadian, you would be dead in about ten minutes. The Queen of Anthropos is a good guy and keeps getting compared to Joan of Arc, but her husband the King is apparently taken over by evil spirits. When everybody gets to Bamah, the King does Herod and asks them to find this spectacular boy-child and report back to him so that he may see him.

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Blahblahblah, they journey through more forest and find an old prophet and his great-great-granddaughter, blahblah they find Baby Gaal and his earthly parents, they meet up with the Queen, who brought the prophet and his granddaughter with her, and they plan to go to Bamah to burn down the temple. The plot dictates that they burn down the temple in Bamah for a climax.

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Lisa shows them the secret tunnel from the banks of the Rure to the inside of the temple. More fightfight with goblins and soldiers and the undead King. But now he must eat crow because he sees it for himself. I question this choice.

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But it is revealed at the end [spoilers] that Lord Nasa and Lady Roelane are Uncle John and now-Aunt Eleanor, who were miraculously disguised as twenty-something. I question this choice, too, but at least it has plot significance because yay, Mary has relationship with the lady she thought would steal Uncle John from her. Get ready for dipshit amateur hour whenever I finish it and also am sober, because this might change my mind on being too poor to buy booze.

This book is pretty much where White did the least amount of cribbing from other sources and, overall, the least awkward job in characterization. On the flip side, though, one of the minor-er characters has a backstory of abuse that is completely fucking glossed over. Everybody in the goddamn palace knows how this kid is beaten and abused by his father, but nobody did a goddamn thing about it. This kid is apparently a good friend of the crown prince, but the king did fuck-all to protect the kid. Jesus Mithra Odin Hare Krishna fuck.

The Archives of Anthropos

Anyway, the story. She does have reasons to have issues, yay characterization, and Uncle John makes a point to Wesley, Lisa, and Kurt to be nice to her, with mixed success. One night, Mary has a dream about a man named Gaal who gives her a message for her cousins and the Sword of Geburah for Wesley. She tells her cousins about it the next morning, but right then a crazy great-aunt makes an appearance, and Mary is whisked away by the TVs while hiding from her. Wesley, Kurt, and Lisa are too late to go with her, but they go into the TV with a picture of the Anthropos council room.