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The challenge levels have a set amount that must be met, without the option of earning more than one star. Tip : If you can't reach three stars on a level, you can change the difficulty to a lower setting under the main menu and retry the level. In some of the story scenes a camera will appear. Click on it and it will take a photo of a Memorable Moment. This can be viewed in the photo album which is accessed by clicking the camera in the upper right of the map. If you miss a Memorable Moment, the album will tell you what level to replay to capture it.

Level 18 The challenge for this level is to start the bike. An exclamation point will appear over it, click on it for Patrick to walk to it. This will happen five times. Mouse location:. Challenge: Off Sick Francois is gone on this level, so there is no cleaner. Evelyn is also gone, so there is no entertainer. Level The challenge for this level is to not burn any fish. The challenge for this level is to re-light the fires when they go out. Customers won't sit at tables without fire. Each fire will go out once. Level 40 The challenge for this level is to have five shoes on your tray at once.

Tip : At the beginning of the level, send Patrick fishing and keep fishing until the challenge is complete. You may have customers get angry, but the points from finishing the challenge will help out. Alternatively, you could complete the challenge with just one star, then replay the level ignoring the challenge and earning three stars. Level 45 The challenge for this level is to "be different": don't make two identical products one after the other. Tip : If you need to make two of the same thing in a row, make another product in between and delete it from your tray.

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Three flowers are not available in hanging pots and customers may request a one of each. Click on each one from left to right. To prepare the wine, click on the bottle. When the meter is in the green, click again.

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If you wait too long, it will spill. Patrick can walk away from it and prepare something else as long as you click on the bottle in time. Focus on serving one customer or group of customers at a time. Be careful of groups of 3 or 4 people. You will need to make two trips to fulfill their orders in order to complete this goal. Level Be Different! This can get tricky when people order the same thing back to back.

You may also choose to wait for the next order to see if something different comes up. Make sure you keep track of the last item you made between customer waves, as this is the most likely place you will make a mistake. Select the entertainer, then click on a table to have those customers entertained. You should entertain everyone you can as often as possible.

Remember you can only entertain table customers.

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In order to get here quickly, click on the cash register, then click on the phone. The moment you click on the phone, Emily will walk slower, so use the register as a way to get to the phone faster. Make sure any impatient customers are served before picking up the phone, otherwise place priority on the phone calls. Click on one plant on your table to grow it, then once grown, click to harvest it. Once the first plant is done, move on to the second. Rinse and repeat; working from left to right is recommended. Once your stock of plants is filled to the maximum quantity, simply grown plants one at a time as needed.

Click on it to have Emily go to the table, prompting one of the table customers to get up and go to the register to pay. Level Grab A Bucket!

About Emily's Hopes and Fears

Francois will appear in the doorway of the shop. When this happens, click on him to take a bucket and go to water the flowers. Try to ensure that customer orders are fulfilled before doing this.

misfisilooksmi.ml If a customer is still thinking, or there is a pause between waves, this is an excellent time to water the flowers. There are two key tips to use here: 1 Serve customers quickly, and 2 Place items with increased tips on your Menu for the day. When VIPs enter, fulfill their orders first.

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  6. If multiple VIPs enter, serve them in the order in which they entered the shop. VIPs look different from usual customers, so they will be easy to spot. A meter will appear displaying your progress. The objective will be completed once the meter is completely filled.

    Patrick braves freezing temperatures and arrives at a monastery high in the mountains. Will the monks be able to help him find the enlightenment he seeks, or was his journey for naught? The easiest way to complete this objective is simply to serve customers as quickly and accurately as possible.

    Keep the customer types in mind today especially. Your tray will slowly decrease in size throughout the day. A sound cue will inform you when your tray has lost an additional spot. Once the number of spots has decreased to the point you can no longer fulfill orders in one go, you will need to make multiple trips. When this happens, click on it to try and wake him up. Try to do this before or after orders, and not during, as it may interrupt your sequence. You can click ahead to the next actions you would like to complete while trying to wake him.

    Eight keys will be scattered throughout the area and you will need to gather them all at some point during or throughout the day. Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges. Reduce emphasis on combos today and instead focus on the order in which people enter. You only need to serve people in the order in which they come in. Checking a customer out does not count as serving, however if you have a line and as a result, a customer in line has not been served yet, you will need to take them into consideration.

    Try to keep these sorts of backlog scenarios to a minimum. Click on Patrick in front of the door to have him try and open it. This will allow him to have another go, without interrupting your orders or service of customers. Click on the rope behind the meditation rugs to work on finishing it. A meter will pop up showing how far the rope is from completion. Work on the rope whenever you have a pause between customers. Be careful not to forget about the stove during the process.

    Treat this day just as you would any other.

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    Trainees can be identified by their younger faces and red robes. If a trainee asks for alcohol, you will need to ignore them until they eventually leave angry. There are six slots on your tray, so ideally you will want to grab items for a table order and a counter customer at the same time, then serve them back-to-back.

    Alternatively, you can serve three counter customers this way. Do this twice to complete the objective for the day. Remember you can use the entertainer to improve the patience and mood of table customers. Since you have fewer customers today, you will want menu items that provide higher tips. The spill-proof alcohol is also recommended if you have it. Much like the previous day, try to serve customers at least two at a time to get higher tips and combo bonuses.

    Eight pieces of candy corn are scattered throughout the area. You will need to find them before the day is done. For a 3-star rating, use the same Menu tactics as outlined in the previous two days. For a 3-star rating, use the same combos and Menu tactics as outlined in Challenge This will help keep the monk from expending too much energy. Click on the pile of luggage to help pack it between customer orders. A meter will pop up displaying how close you are to finishing packing.

    Work on this every spare moment you have, not forgetting to check the stove now and then. Once the meter is filled, your goal will be completed. Celebrate their family reunion as familiar characters, both past and present, swing by to pay them a visit. This goal can be tricky. Keep a sharp eye out for a window of opportunity in which three child customers show up.