Der lange Weg durch die Wüste (German Edition)

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In doing so, we guarantee full transparency. Advocates argue that these rules prevent politicians from doing favours for their buddies in the private sector, thus discriminating against other companies, whether they be at home or abroad. Land can be bought up not to use productively, but simply to prevent competitors getting hold of it. Furthermore, if we look at the economy through the lens of climate change, the idea that the state should not intervene strategically to control and direct key aspects of production and investment is positively deranged.

Looked at in that way, it is a major problem that state aid rules essentially forbid a Green New Deal, which is all about the state intervening selectively in the economy to overhaul infrastructure, make housing and transport energy efficient and so forth. Lauren Dingsdale, a prospective Labour candidate in Middlesbrough and former lawyer specialising in European Competition Law, has argued on Twitter that this is exactly what the Tories are up to in the case of British Steel, with Business Secretary Greg Clark repeatedly referring to EU state aid rules to down-play his power over the future of the company.

Many other EU countries intervene in their own economies to a far greater extent than Britain does but do not always fall foul of state aid rules, finding a way around them. The company is still on the verge of closure if no new contracts can be found. But French energy giant EDF own the site, and it looks like they are going to give most of the contract to an Indonesian firm rather than Bifab.

Billionaires and politicians have a very convenient — and very wrong — perception of poverty, which they legititimate with incorrect studies. Mit neuen Methoden alten Geheimnissen auf der Spur Stuttgart Summarizing results of long-term archaeological work conducted by various projects both within an Dakhla as a hub and most south-westerly outpost of Pharaonic civilization played a major role in these contacts, even before its firm colonisation in the late Old Kingdom.

Hunting of desert game, procurement of raw materials, and the establishment of trade relations to distant regions in sub-Saharan Africa can be identified as the main motives for such contact and interaction with indigenous nomadic people. Heidelberg, No way?

Jahrtausend v. Polkowski, H. Starting from their own rock art research in Egypt, the chairmen will outline the scope and foci The core of this introductory paper will consist of three case studies of rock art from the Western Desert of Egypt. We will begin with Dakhleh Oasis — a hub in a desert, where many routes merge, and rock art from various periods forms a huge palimpsest. The next part will be devoted to a specific long-distance desert trade route that connects Dakhleh with the border area between modern Egypt, Sudan and Libya: the pharaonic Abu Ballas Trail, where way-stations and resting places often show rock art left by travellers or watchmen.

Finally, the prehistoric rock art imagery of the Wadi Sura region Gilf Kebir, SW-Egypt will be addressed, which exemplifies the artwork of highly mobile hunter-gatherer communities during their seasonal migrations. Diesem Karawanenverkehr und insbesondere der Nutzung und Bedeutung des sog. Morenz, B. Sabel, O. Fast, A. El Hawary.

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Chancen und Grenzen digitalen Forschens in der dritten Dimension with D. Steigende Rechenleistungen bei Die Rede ist von der sogenannten Photogrammetrie: Dabei wird ein Objekt von allen Seiten aus verschiedenen Winkeln unter gleichen Lichtbedingungen abgelichtet. The ethnographic study of modern donkey caravans, still existing in some arid or semi-arid region General pace, daily travel rates, carrying capacities, and the supply with water and food are among the basic factors that can be compared and used to judge the organisation and efficiency of ancient desert traffic that left its traces, for instance, along the Pharaonic Abu Ballas Trail in the Libyan Desert used from the late 3rd millennium onwards , or is, so far, only attested epigraphically, such as the old Assyrian trade caravans between Assur and cities in central Anatolia.

However, as some case studies demonstrate, various factors have an impact on daily travel rates, carrying capacities, etc. Any serious investigation has to take these parameters and their interdependencies into account, and the data gained from studying a single modern donkey caravan cannot simply be adapted and transferred to judge similar enterprises in ancient times the specific circumstances of which being usually not well known. For example, there is, of course, a fundamental difference between caravans transporting heavy trade goods and those which mainly consist of unloaded donkeys that are themselves to be sold on the markets as, e.

The latter usually proceed considerably faster, whereas especially the daily routine of loading and unloading pack animals before and after each resting period certainly increases the journey time. Moreover, the availability of plenty of water and food along a given route vegetation, wells, waterholes as well as favourable resting places used for longer breaks may allow for transporting rather high amounts of freight up to kg or even more at a comparatively low daily travel rate 10—14 km , which would not be possible in barren desert regions.

Nevertheless, by applying some relevant ethnographic data, it can be argued with reason that an ancient donkey caravan in arid or semi-arid regions, which aimed to cover several hundred kilometres and consisted of well-trained pack animals and experienced drivers, in broad terms exhibited an average daily travel rate of c. These figures may, however, vary according to specific regional circumstances, season, amount of daily marching hours, and so forth.

Future ethnographic investigations, preferably augmented by accompanying a modern donkey trade caravan in Africa from its starting-point up to its final destination, may shed more light on this matter. With an estimated total of c. Within the scope of the Wadi Sura Project —; cf. The collected data can be comprehensively searched for the occurence, frequency and distribution of specific motifs, types, characteristics, or combinations thereof, in order to reveal possible decorational patterns or conventions of representation that may contribute to a better understanding of the organisation and, perhaps, meaning of the rock art.

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This is even more important as, due to the political instability in Egypt, and particularly in this border region, it became impossible to continue field work in Wadi Sura after The paper will focus on the digital output of the project, its further processing and its projected dissemination by open-source web applications. Wadi Sura — The Cave of Beasts. Africa Praehistorica Kaiserliche Pharaonen — Pharaonische Kaiser. Augustus 31 v. Ein zentrales Objekt ist der hieroglyphisch beschriftete Obelisk des Domitian in Rom, auf dem Domitian 81—96 n.

here Auch unter Hadrian — n. Oder einen Kugelschre Jahrtausends v. Eines dieser ikonographischen Beispiele findet sich etwa im mit Keule bewehrten Herrscher wieder, der gerade im Begriff ist, einen Unterlegenen zu erschlagen.

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Anhand des in der Bonner Lehrsammlung befindlichen Materials soll unter Einbeziehung des derzeitigen Forschungsstandes versucht werden, eine kurze Vorstellung von Bedeutung und Wertigkeit bestimmter Technologien und Arbeitsprozesse herauszuarbeiten. Am Mittwoch, den Statuetten, Reliefs, Dienerfiguren und andere Artefakte aus unserem Museum korrespondieren mit ze Am Mittwoch, dem